The slogan you don't deserve

Aparently, republican party ("party of status quo") decided to change their slogan. Not only is that slogan kind of inappropriate since their president is serving his eighth year, but also it seems they are not the first one to have this slogan. "The change you deserve" is already taken by Effexor - antidepressant, medicament against stress.

Also, let's rememer that Jon Stewart promised that, should he ever start a war, he would stop playing squash and abandon his yacht. Also, he reminds that Philip Morris Companies renamed to Altria Group - and that way they can keep killing people.


Funny? Windows 95 explained by Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry (vitnage Microsoft 30 mins video tutorial)

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and I cannot but share it with you. I love Matt Perry and Jennifer Aniston (or Chandler and Rachel) and so I enjoyed this weird video and even laughed few times. More info about this 1995 video here on IMDB.

Lame jokes prevail, but there are some good moments. Matthew Perry and Jenifer Aniston are doing their best to exploit their Chandler and Rachel characters.

Perry: Oh, and no messy DOS build-up!
Assistant: What is this, a paper towel commercial?

Part 1

Microsoft was obviously trying to get the attention of the youth. I don't know how they did, but I guess today they are both hated and used by the majority of the planet.

Part 2

This video provides some interesting historic insight into how people perceived Microsoft Windows 95. Those features we find boring today were amazing by then.

Part 3

Explained in this video: drag and drop, plug and play, taskbar, printer installation wizard (Perry:better than installation ogre), email, multitasking, Pinball, video from CD (remember video being something unusual on the computer?), File Explorer, fax sending, audio player, and of course, the mysterious red button.

Part 4

I'm really sorry Bill Gates didn't show up himself. He probably realized he doesn't need to make this kind of fool of himself:-)

P.S. I know this is blog about The Daily Show, don't worry, it won't change. By the way, Matthew Perry was on Daily Show, and so was Jenifer (although it is rather involuntary appearance). Also the last episode of Friend got Jon's attention. And I cannot forget to mention Matthew Perry in SNL - Sarcasm 101.


That preacher sure is crazy. But the media are so much worse...

Media coverage of this Obama's former preacher is horrible.

Luckily, there is The Daily Show to make it even worse :-)