"I am not stupid, I use Google"

Yes, when you know what you are searching, you will find it.

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We also use Google, for almost everything, really, but confirmation bias is a great danger when looking on Google for arguments that would support your side of the story. You will find them, but that just means there are more stubborn people like you.

Commercial sidenote: use Google to find vizitky (personal and business cards), and let us know if you can find some cool designs. We know we have a lot of competition when it comes to cards but we want to be the best and easiest to use in Czech Republic.


Great interview with Jon Stewart

Look at this fairly long, but terrific Jon Stewart On The Rachel Maddow Show Uncut, it is a great summary of what Jon Stewart and his team do, but also much wider ideas about TV. Don't miss it.

On an unrelated note, me and my friend started a website to design personal business cards at vizitka.cz. "Vizitky" means business cards in English, but we sell also personal cards, allowing you to design them on-line, very easily. Wish us luck :-)


Personal "business" cards are for everybody

Cards for personal use, for students, moms with kids, for travelers etc. Technically, they shouldn't be called Business Card but rather personal cards. In Czech, we call them "osobní vizitky", but in English, the name varies.
I Czech, vizitka means "business card", but is derived from "visiting card", so it actually has personal meaning embedded in it. Visiting card has actually quite an interesting history, I will get to that some other time.