John Hodgeman and his great lecture at TED

John Hodgeman just published a new book, which he announced at The Daily Show. Kind of. You could call it an meta-introduction of the book: he mocked every book-introducing by Jon Stewart, especially his "fascination" by every book he is presenting.


John Oliver travels again! Interview with Iraqi UN ambassador

I love John's interviews. They are so offensive and terrible, you can't but laugh, laught at him, at the interviewee and at the media in whole. I wonder whether they are somehow staged or not. Or if it's mostly creative aftercut? Anyway, this interview with ambassador of Quatar is probably even better, the principle is similar, though.


Barack Hussein Obama - attack someone by his name i lame

This is supposed to be a serious journalism, but it sounds like a lame joke to me:

The Daily Show mocks this perfectly:

Obama's been laid in with name which causes all kinda problems. Al Qaeda? Who's sayin' Al Qaeda?


First Debate summed up by Daily Show

If you don't have time to see the full debates, Jon is nice enough to summ it up for us.

Perception analyzer, you say? Jon keeps one of these in his skull. And so should we.
What about the debates: almost no solutions, only words. McCain apparently kept repeating that "senator Obama doesn't understand" blank. And Obama, on the other hand, kept repeating that his oponent is right. Of course, this is somewht "biased summ-up", but probably no more biased than anything else :-)

And some reactions?