Booking hotels on-line is easy and difficult

Not long time ago, I didn't even know you can book hotels on-line. But recently I got aware of it and realized that booking hotel or hostel is sometimes quite handy.

Booking hotel on-line systems

Many travelers appreciate the convenience of booking their hotel room on-line, and paying on-line for it using e.g. credit cards. There is vast amount of services like this. Some, like Booking.com, Hotels.com or Quikbook.com offer large amount (thousands)
of hotels in different areas all around the world.

Others, like Splendia.com or ArtOfTravel.eu focus on smaller number of hotels,
which are selective, hand-picked, sometimes exclusive. Most of these services allow the customer to see when the room will be free, what would be the price and some offer extra information about the hotel and travel destination. That is something I like about Art Of Travel - they keep their site clean, yet they add new info. Even if you don't use them to buy a room, you can find useful information for your trip.

Disclaimer: I realize this looks like an PR article. I still hope you might find it useful.