7 jobs of "The PC Guy" John Hodgman

You surely know John Hodgman, American humorist and one of the best Daily Show correspondents, in my opinion. But first, I encountered him in hilarious commercials from Apple Computers. I'm sure you know them: Hello, I'm a Mac... And I'm a PC. Here is one of the best collections of "Get a Mac" ads:

But John Hodgeman is a man of many occupations. I decided to review them. I enjoyed putting this together, so I hope you'll enjoy it as well. If you love John Hodgman, you will know most of them by now, but a comprehensive collection never hurts.

John Hodgman - Computer Expert (Net Neutrality)

John Hodgman - Historian (When to judge Bush)

John Hodgman - Astronom (Is Pluto a Planet?)
In Prague Atronoms decided that Pluto is not a planet. Why? Because it is roughly the size of a glass eye.

John Hodgeman - Meteorologist
How do experts predict the future weather? John Hodgman majored in hurricanes, his minor were Crisp Fall Days :-)

John Hodgman - Physician, Medical Expert
Talking about Human Growth Hormone.

John Hodgeman - Martial Arts Expert

John Hodgman - Motivational Speaker
This is my favorite: John explains is system 8 keys to success.

There are several more occupations, but that would be for another spot. Thanks for watching, if you liked this, keep an eye on Best videos of Daily Show blog :-)

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