Czech President - 2008 election

There is another reason why I love watching The Daily Show. It makes me feel better about how the politics looks here in Czech Republic. I wish we had something similar to The Daily Show, some show that could stand the comparison to the briliancy of Jon Stewart and his team.
Right now there is presidential election here in Czech Republic. Unlike in USA, only the lawmakers can vote the president here, so the election is indirect. Upside to it is that the whole process is a lot shorter (not like in USA where it takes more than a year). The downside is that all the scandals and embaressment you experience during the whole year we have to watch condensated into two-day ellection. We already saw alleged bribe attempt, tedious wars wether the election should be public or private, two lawmakers drop ill... So far, that is.
I wondered if there were some clips about Czech Republic in the vast Daily Show video archive. Well, there was one.

And eventhough it is just a short movie and the clip doesn't say much about us, the message is clear: we are better than America :-) I wonder if Jon will mention the Czech Presidential election in his show... He could, couldn't he?


frufru said...
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frufru said...

Bohužel, klip někam zmizel, byl to ten s Phillipem Morrisem?

Jinak, těší mě, že Vás poznávám, krajane a fanoušku JS :-) Není nás moc...