How to protect kids from guns?

After seeing Bowling for Columbine, I was well aware of the fact Americans are too gun-oriented. I know there are historical reasons, for it, and there is some peak point at wich having a gun might be a felt neccessity. But still - if someone points their gun at you, are you going to risk that after you pull your, you will be shot? Isn't it better to be the one who is not armed, thus not being able to do an irreversible mistake, and also not giving the other person to do such mistake? I sure might change my perspective when I have to protect my kids, but I don't feel it is healthy to have guns around.

And while we are at this, how exactly did this happen? I mean, sure, we Czechs are incompetent big time (although not very often, because we have hard time spelling that word), but not in such scale...

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